Miami Photoshoot with Top Hairstylist in Miami for VoyageMIA

VoyageMIA Photo

Photographing Top Hairstylist in Miami for VoyageMIA This time Yulia reached out to me inquiring about Miami Phosothoot for an upcoming article on VoyageMIA. And here we are, meet Yulia, she and I go back a while. I took photos of her elopement (which btw got picked up by several online publications as one of the most beautiful Miami Elopement). We had done numerous editorial work together, not to mention she did a great job […]

Free Photoshoot Giveaway


Share with friends! Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on google Share on whatsapp Share on email In celebration of 2020 Mother’s Day, we chose to offer a Free Photoshoot Giveaway for all the Moms in South Florida! It is not our first giveaway, and it won’t be last, but every time it is as exciting! Because Mother’s Day is every day!With the quarantine happening now, we believe better days are closer than we […]

Mother’s Day Photoshoot 2020, Miami, Fl

“It started before the quarantine… Perhaps, sometime, we will find a book with a great story with such a beginning. Or maybe I am just feeling nostalgic. However, before the worldwide pandemic hit Miami, we were thinking of mother’s day photoshoot ideas. So today is Mother’s day! What a holiday, I mean, international Mother’s Day. It is one of the holidays filled with love, appreciation, and kindness. And on that note, I want to wish […]

Lifestyle Photoshoot with Liza in Miami

Lifestyle Photoshoot Miami

Model – Scientist – Programmer Lifestyle photoshoot in Miami always seems like a great idea to me. I met Liza a while back at a photoshoot for a fashion brand, she was a model, and I did photography. Later we did several projects together: a fashion show and a few more photoshoots. You may recognize her from the photos on a website. We became friends, and I am grateful for this girl. She is not […]

Charity event photography: Toys for Tots Exotic car gathering!

charity event photography

Here comes the end of the 2019, and I am posting some photos from a” Toys for Tots” event organized by ECJ Luxe in Boca Raton. I have to admit, I love doing charity event photography! So this time I decided to Volunteer for this charity event. It feels good to know your effort will be paid off when kids receive their new toys! I also believe using these photos will hopefully gain more people […]

Celebrity Photographer Miami: Ivanka photographed Jordi Mollà for

celebrity photographer miami

There are a lot of perks to being a Celebrity Photographer in Miami! You get to meet so many talented people. This time, when I realized who am I going to shoot I was so excited. This is  Jordi Mollà, a guy from Jack Ryan and Bad Boys 2 and many more movies! Oh, wait, is he also an artist? And a good one I see!   I arrived at his studio in the morning to […]

Fabletics VIP Membership Event

Fabletics VIP Membership event

Hey Miami! We’re bringing the heat! It happened, Fabletics VIP membership event and the Grand Opening of the store at the Aventura mall. And let me tell you, It was awesome! As you probably saw, I was covering another Fabletics event a week ago, and I thought it couldn’t get better. Well, I was pleased to see Fabltic’s team exceeded my expectations. Fabletics team and Aventura mall made many people feel welcomed! But let me […]

9 Time Capsule Ideas: for Kids and Adults!

What is a Time Capsule? To talk about the time capsule ideas, I would like to talk about what is a time capsule, and what is the purpose of one? I am sure you have seen inspiring videos or read an article about the time capsule. So a Time Capsule can be buried, sealed put underwater, or in space. And how exciting it is! You can imagine how many possible forms from a shoebox and […]

Aventura Mall Events: Fabletics VIP Party!


Aventura Mall Events: Fabletics VIP event! Yesterday, September 26th, I was shooting at one of the Aventura mall events. Fabletics by Kate Hudson had a recently opened a store there. And they opened their doors for old and new friends to celebrate with them! That is to say, I was invited as an event photographer and had a pleasure to capture candid moments of happiness of team members and customers.   Fabletics team offered champagne to […]

Personal Branding: 7 things you need to know


Why is Personal Branding important? As a Production Company, we often work with individuals who are interested in Personal Branding. In this article, I wanted to explain what Personal Branding means and why is it important not to ignore this topic.  You use your Branding to differentiate yourself from others within your field. Not to mention, when appropriately done, personal Branding can help with your business and corporate Branding. Which often means they overlap.  Nowadays, […]

Corporate Branding and Photography


What is Corporate Branding Photography? Corporate Photography is a broad term, that includes many types of Photography. For Example, Corporate Headshots or Team Photos. Or Perhaps photos of the environment, let’s say your office space or a store. And of course, Corporate Event Photography. Some people still think that corporate Photography is limited to boring Headshots. With the fake smile and some companies always make a mistake of using stock photos representing their Brand. And […]

What to wear for Professional Headshots


You are planning a headshot Photoshoot, and one of the most common and important questions to ask is “what to wear for professional headshots”? And this is a question everyone should ask themselves and a Photographer when preparing for the shoot. No exceptions!  I am writing this article from my own experience as a Photographer, who specializes in Corporate Headshot Photography. Many years I have been consulting my clients on wardrobe options when the stylist […]