Legacy Videos
What are Memory Videos or Legacy Videos?

If you think about it, a memory video or, in other words a legacy video is a personal documentary. The purpose of such a video is to highlight specific life stories and memories. We all have stories to tell and advises we would love to pass on to the next generation. So, no doubt your loved ones have some stories they would like to be remembered by. And, in a digital era, we live in, making a video memoir sounds like a good idea. In other words, imagine the value of a chance to share such legacy video with children and grandchildren. A Memory Videos are a present  families will appreciate for generations to come.

Types of Memory Videos

Depends on your needs memory videos can be tailored for one person or couples, and even whole families. Be it a simple video Biography or a Family History video; we think it is worth to be captured. Some videos focus on childhood, marriage, and hobbies; some have a special message for the next generations. And perhaps you have seen videos of a grandparent’s beautiful love story, with short interviews of friends and family members. So which one is your type of a Legacy video?

  • Personal Video memoirs 
  • Anniversary Videos
  • Time Capsule Videos
  • Family History Videos
  • Memorial Tributes
  • Kids Time-capsule videos
and more...
Why make a Memory video?

There are many reasons a Legacy video will benefit you and your family. Unfortunately, sometimes, people are diagnosed with a terminal illness or chronic medical condition. And in many cases, it is a reality that most people want just a few things at the end of their life.

  • They want to be remembered
  • They want to pass down life experiences and give valuable advice 
  • And finally, they want to know that their life mattered

My grandfather passed away many years ago. And as much as I hate to admit, I did not think about a legacy video as a concept. But now, it feels like I had a chance to preserve memories of him for everyone in my family. Many years later, I wish I can look at him and hear him sharing his life stories. There are so many! World war two, the struggles and pain followed by a love story when he met with my grandma. How my mom was such a tomboy and how he felt when I was born. Those memories are vivid in my mind, but sooner or later, it will fade away. So yes, here is my example on why make a Legacy video. 

I wish our family had that video to share at the family gathering. I wish when he passed away, I could make copies for everyone close to him so that they can cherish his memory for years to come. He was loved! 

On the other hand, it does not always have to be sad. Memory Videos can be fun and cheerful! An Anniversary video of your parents, or a time capsule video with your kids sending a message to the future selves. So it is up to you to decide which one will be! 

The Production Process and Packages

If you would like to know more about the Production Process and available packages visit this page! Or, if you have other questions about the Memory Videos or Under the Sun Production Company contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can!