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Bridal Editorial is trendy!

Our Bridal Editorial Photographer lives in Miami, Fl now, with invaluable experience from New York City. She is a published photographer, many magazines and blogs featured her images. During her fashion career, she got an offer to shoot a bridal editorial for an emerging bridal designer. Surely she said “YES”. To sum up, the shoot was a success by all measures. Besides having so much fun planning the production and looking for the inspiration everyone had a blast on executing the vision. In fact, looking at the final result was a delight! Photos got published, the client was happy and we got more engagement on social media that we could have anticipated. 

And this is how Ivanka discovered the power of a Bridal Editorial Photography. Not to mention, it became a huge trend over the years. And it is still one of the most favorite projects to shoot! So let’s see what bridal editorial is about and who can benefit from it? 

Professional Photographer Miami

Who can benefit from Bridal Editorial Photography?

Be it for commercial use of wedding-related companies or even real-brides who lean toward more editorial fell for their photos – everyone finds beauty in those images! And, after all, how could they not? Capturing genuine moments from an editorial perspective simply gives you satisfaction. Not to say helps convince others in invaluable experience associated with your product or service.

We strongly believe having professional photos will help your business to be noticed! So who can benefit from working with our team?

  • Bridal Magazines
  • Bridal Designers
  • Event Planners
  • Event Designers
  • Wedding Venues
  • Florists
  • Jewelry Boutiques 
  • Makeup/Hairstylists 
  • And, of course, Real Brides
Are you an emerging bridal designer, or a bridal boutique?

Are you an emerging bridal designer, or a bridal boutique? Just think about the beautiful photos you can have if you let our team help you! Just provide us with your wedding dresses and we will plan the rest! And enjoy that magical moment, when blogs and magazines start picking up your story, attracting more attention to your brand! Not to mention must-have photos of gowns and accessories on your website! Moreover, brides don’t want to see low-quality, blurry photos when intending to pay money!

Florists can benefit from it greatly!

Florists can also benefit greatly from a Bridal Editorials! It’s not a secret bridal bouquet goes up in price just by having a word “bridal” next to it. Not to mention bridesmaids bouquets, arch decoration and floral arrangement for the reception! Also, having those editorials can increase interest in your shop as well as increase revenue! Just print those photos and decorate your windows with them! Let your customers know they are going to have a dream floral decoration for their special day! Not just say it but demonstrate it!

Event Planners and Event Designers

Event Planners and Event Designers are not going to regret working with a professional team on a project to showcase their decorating and organizing skills! Picture replaces a thousand words! Isn’t it just worth it? Especially if a is a new company, or in the middle of a rebranding process having a modern, stylish editorial photos is always a plus!

In the end, the final Goal is the create a picture your client would want to live in! Simply create a fantasy for the brides. As a result, increase interest in your brand! But really … Possibilities for you are endless. Print magazine ads, Social Media promotions, content for the website and more! By the way, did you know Pinterest is one of the platforms that generate most leads to your website or blog? Well, it won’t happen if you don’t have professional photographs!

If you think about it… How many girls grow up dreaming about being a princess! And they have many options to choose from. But how do they find you? Social media, Pinterest, blogs, and magazines. And you need to be noticed! Although as simple as this sounds, it might be challenging for some brands. Having a creative, eye-catching content is key! Besides working on your SEO of course. And we can help with that! Over the years, our team has expanded. Having talented creative people on board gave us an opportunity to help others achieve higher goals.

Why hire us?

Over the years, our team has expanded. Having talented creative people on board gave us an opportunity to help others. Our bridal editorial photographer is located in Miami. However, we have no travel limitations! Keep in mind we will consider free shoots, or work with your budget if we see a potential in the project! So don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation! And don’t forget to get inspired by the best: VOGUE

If you are a real-bride we have a special place in our hearts and website for you. Follow the link to see how bridal Editorial Photography can turn your wedding Album into an Art Book! 

Professional Photographer Miami
Professional Photographer Miami
Professional Photographer Miami

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