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South Florida is a perfect place to be for a bikini photographer. Endless Summer, never-ending beach and Palm trees. Picture-perfect environment all year round!  Not to mention beautiful models! No wonder everywhere you look you see Swimsuit or Beachwear photos be it for commercial or personal use. Bikini model photography is very popular in Miami! And whenever you mention bikini shoot to someone they think of Sports Illustrated, Maxim magazine or Victoria’s Secret. In fact, those brands, as many others influence trends in Swimwear Photography and give inspiration to others. 

Professional Bikini Photographer

Whether you want to start an advertising campaign, launch or rebrand a company, you will need to look for a bikini photographer. First, you want to see if the photographer’s style matches yours. Second, look at the quality of the photo, you don’t want it to be blurry or out of focus images. Third, it is important a bikini photographer pays attention to details and composition. And finally post-production work. Make sure images are not over or under photoshopped. 

I forgot to mention, look if the model feels and looks comfortable on the photo. In many cases, Photographer can’t communicate with a model, which results in an awkward moment and you see it in the model’s eyes and poses. And don’t always blame it on the model, in most cases it is a miscommunication or poor planning from a photographer’s side. 

So why hire us?

  • Our photographer connects with models, always! They get comfortable with her. As a result they feel sexy, relaxed and confident. Even if the model does not have much experience, she will find her best flattering angles, and with proper coaching through the shoot, results are going to be great! 
  • We have a set of preferred, least crowded locations. It is helpful especially for those brands, outside of Florida. Which makes it easier to discuss pre-production and focus on the model on the production day. Trust me its annoying to explain to every stranger what’s going on here, and tell them “no, you can’t take a photo with a model”. We simply care about our clients and ready to help them in every stage of the process. Which brings us to another benefit of working with us.  Here is a great article about Miami Beach locations for photographers.
Besides ...
  • We always have a strict plan, no matter how small or big the project is. For example, leaving a ”wet-hair look” for last … It is also essential to plan the sequence for your session.  Where to shoot and what. You will receive a complete list of what is absolutely needed for a bikini photoshoot. Towels, sunscreens, etc. Even a small thing like a lack of water may ruin the shoot. So we are always prepared. 
  • If you don’t have a model yet, we will help you to find one, or two, or three… It does not matter if you are looking for an agency-represented model or a freelance model we’ve got you covered. Besides, we can always recommend our makeup/hair stylist, professionals, who we worked on many projects and can fully trust with our eyes closed.
And finally
  • Together with the client, we will create a mood board. In my opinion, it is important to understand the direction we are all moving towards. Everyone who is involved need to be on the same page with the mood, styling and overall feel of the shoot, event a technical assistant. 
  • What separates or photographer Ivanka from other photographers is when she shoots outdoors, she uses as much natural light as possible, and a reflector always helps … We believe this way photos turn out to be more natural and appealing.

What is your next step gonna be?

If you are a Model expanding your Portfolio for the Miami market or a Swimwear Brand, you will benefit from hiring a Bikini Photographer. Don't hesitate to

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