9 Time Capsule Ideas: for Kids and Adults!

Time Capsule Ideas
What is a Time Capsule?

To talk about the time capsule ideas, I would like to talk about what is a time capsule, and what is the purpose of one? I am sure you have seen inspiring videos or read an article about the time capsule. So a Time Capsule can be buried, sealed put underwater, or in space. And how exciting it is! You can imagine how many possible forms from a shoebox and a glass jar (probably the most common) to Anti-Corrosion Waterproof Stainless Steel Capsule. How fancy! And imagine emotions when opening one you buried 20 years ago! All those memories rushing trough tour head, your kids are grown up by then and are interested in every detail of your past. I am sure you will have a good laugh!

So now, let's talk about the time capsule ideas!

There are many occasions where you can have so much fun burning a time capsule. And they all have one version or another of “the message to the future self.”  Do you have kids? Perfect! There are so many Time Capsule Ideas for kids! Not only is a time capsule is a great way to remember the present moment, but it’s also a fun project for kids! Imagine how excited they will be to work on a project like this? And then picture the moment ten years later when you with your family members are ready to open it! Oh, I wish I did this when I was young 🙂 

Besides your kid’s birthday, there are many other special days you can use to send a message to the future! How about your wedding day? Or, if you plan a house renovation, it is an excellent opportunity to seal a time capsule! New Year’s eve is another perfect reason to think of one! In either case, you should think about the moment when you open it. Think about it as an emotional present to yourself.

What to put in a time capsule?

Well, for starters, it should be something fun and related to a present moment. Don’t put anything that is boring you now. Then there are space limitations. I don’t think its a good idea trying to hide a giant time capsule 🙂 However, some things are easy to seal for the next ten years. Let’s see what can you put in a time capsule. But a quick note: Make sure to have your capsule water and airtight (putting things in the ground might be the worst way to preserve something)

1. A Memory video.

My favorite thing on a list is a Memory Video. You can learn more about a Memory video or a Legacy video here. Here are just a few ideas: record your kids sending a message yo themselves. Ask them funny questions: How much do you love your parents? Or who do you want to become when you grow up? What is your favorite food now, and what do you love most! 

On the other hand, you can record your parents. I am sure they have much to tell you! It will be unfortunate if they are gone in 10 years, but you will have something to remind you about them! 

I strongly suggest hiring a team of professional for this project. There are many benefits about working with the pros! Think about the equipment, the script, the editing. after all, we are talking about your very own family documentary!

2. Kid's drawings!

By the time you open a time capsule, those drawings will be priceless. Your kids will be happy to look at their art skills. 

3. An essay about the future

It sounds like a good idea to me. It will give you a chance to write your deep thoughts, fears, and expectations in a longer format. You can go into details about your current life, and what might happen in 10 years. Include some specific information about the music you listen too, and popular movies. Or about your family members. Your mind has no limits on this one!

4. Newspaper front pages with major headlines

For example, nowadays, politics play a huge role in everyone’s lives! And it might get even more heated throughout the years, but it will be fun to look at the newspaper article about the 2020 election. Or a fight between activists and the government on global warming. Or you have an article written about you in a Magazine! How exciting that is!!! 

5. A copy of a future-oriented magazine

You look at one of those, and you think, will we have flying cars in 10 years? Well, everyone has an idea about the future. But is it going to match everyone’s expectations? Let’s see in ten years when we have flying cars!

6. A copy of a fashion magazine

You don’t think fashion will stay the same in 10 years, do you? Well, here is an excellent way to get nostalgic, or have a good laugh about the fashion trends in the present time! 

7. Photographs

It’s inevitable you will put some photos in the time capsule! They might be a photo of your family and a house. A picture of your favorite place to visit. 

8. A Questionaire

Make a small questionnaire for everyone to fill out. Include questions like what would happen in 10 years, and what is the ultimate goal for the next 5 or 10 years. 

9. Last, but not least: A bottle of wine!

Who does not like good wine? And regardless of price, wine gets only better with years! Of course, you can’t just bury a bottle of wine in a backyard. But there are ways to preserve the wine.  There are unique cellars designed to provide temperature and humidity control for just one special bottle of wine. So, this wine cellar acts as a time capsule. How convenient and awesome? Although this option might be on a pricey side!

Fun Fact: There is a very famous time capsule waiting to be opened! The Crypt of Civilization sealed in Georgia in 1940, isn’t supposed to be opened until the year 8113.