Modeling Agencies in Miami

Model agencies in Miami

On a path to becoming a Model, you are probably wondering if you will be better off as a freelance model or find representation from a modeling agency. Miami is a great place to start your career either way. And below you will find a list of modeling agencies in Miami. Keep in mind being a freelancer will work for you, but if you want to make a career from it, you must consider getting […]

Open Calls for Miami Model Agencies

model agency miami

Under the Sun Production happily put together information about Open Calls for Miami Model Agencies, which might help uprising models.  We believe this page will save you some time. Please note some of the agencies have open calls, and some only accept online Submissions. However, if you are 100% sure about your look and Portfolio you might just take your chances and visit the office. If not, then, well, you have tried. But what if […]

How to become a model in Miami


How to become a model in Miami Many people are dreaming about becoming a model. We follow famous models on Instagram and are drawn to their lifestyle and beautiful photos. Perhaps it is an inspiration or motivation. As a result, many of you may have a simple question: “How to become a model in Miami?”. Many model agencies choose Florida as a home. And Miami became a popular destination for commercial and fashion shoots, which […]

9 Reasons why have professional photography for business.

9 Reasons why have professional photography for business Starting up a Business or revamping the existing company is challenging in many ways. You have to keep in mind so many things: marketing strategy, website, social media appearance Promotions and more. And there are always thoughts about the budget. In fact, many startups try to do everything themselves, but when it comes to the visual content it may not be the best idea. Let’s see why […]

Headshot Photography Prices and How to choose your Photographer?

When looking for a headshot Photographer you will have to compare headshot photography prices and packages. And here there is a lot of confusion, trust me. As a photographer, I had to do my research when I moved from New York City to Miami, Fl. I had to analyze the market and change existing packages to fit local needs and budgets. Working in New York was different, there are more demand and more potential customers. […]

11 Professional Headshot Tips from a Photographer


So you have finally decided to face it, literally. But facing the camera is not enough. Besides choosing a professional photographer, whose vision and skill you trust. It is also important to prepare for the shoot as well. So here are the 11 professional headshot tips that you should keep in mind when preparing for the shoot. Those simple steps will help you to achieve desired results and make the whole process less stressful.   1. Decide […]