How to become a model in Miami

How to become a model in Miami

How to become a model in Miami

Many people are dreaming about becoming a model. We follow famous models on Instagram and are drawn to their lifestyle and beautiful photos. Perhaps it is an inspiration or motivation. As a result, many of you may have a simple question: “How to become a model in Miami?”. Many model agencies choose Florida as a home. And Miami became a popular destination for commercial and fashion shoots, which gives local models jobs. As well as keeping it local to Florida, you should be open to becoming an international model as well.  

So let’s see what are the steps to your success.  Keep in mind, becoming a model can be easy, or it can be not. Here are some tips to put you on a path to your modeling career.

1. Get an honest opinion and pick your path

To begin with, it is very important to get an honest opinion from several people who are connected to the industry. Preferably a scout. But keep in mind there are several types of modeling you can be successful in. Some agencies specialize in Fashion, others in Commercial and Fitness. There are also markets for kids, petite and plus-size models. Many models who are represented by the agency often work Showrooms and fit-modeling. The reason you should know all this, is some agents are not going to see potential in you, others will. So your goal will be to consult with multiple scouts or agents and see which market you fit best. 

2. Plan test shoots. Develop your Model Portfolio.

The model test is a professional photo shoot where the main goal is to show you in the best light. Test shoot must show your beauty, personality and how comfortable you are in front of the camera. Model tests are great for beginners, as much as for working models. It is another way for you to gain experience and see for yourself if you like it. Do your research before booking a shoot. Many photographers in Miami will charge you extra for every step they make and every Photo they retouch.

3. Choose your Photographer wisely

You need to find a good photographer, preferably with a team of professional artists. They will help to create a mood board and the concept. Professional Photographer will be helpful during the whole process if he has experience giving directions.

Our Photographer is a former model herself. Being an agency-represented model in New York, she stepped on a path of becoming a professional photographer. She has been on the other side of the camera and she Loved it! This experience helps her with coaching new models! If you are interested to get a free consultation over the phone or in person on how to become a model in Miami, give us a call! Not the mention the team of Makeup artists and hairstylists waiting to work their magic! Check out the model-test Page here

4. Get your Polaroids / Digitals done with a photographer

Polaroids / Digitals are clean photos taken against a plain background (typically white). Requirements are simple: clean face with no makeup on. Agencies prefer polaroids to have no styling or posing, at least over-posing. They want to see the real you! It is important to get a full body shot, face, and 3/4 profile. Those are typically required by the agencies. 

So, make sure your Photographer will help you with Polaroids! Those are the key photos your agent would want to see. And they must be done before the test shoot starts.

5. Get exposure

This one is obvious. You want to be noticed. There are multiple ways for the agency to see you. 

  • Use tags on Instagram – Many model agencies are browsing Instagram for new faces. Make your profile Public. They won’t see you if you decided to keep your profile private. No need to say, but you need to upload the best photos you got, and keep them coming. Those photos must reflect your personality and be authentic! 
  • Attend open calls – Not all, but some agencies hold open calls. Some once a week, some once a month. But here is the link to open calls for Miami model agencies
  • Find an Online submission page or a contact page where they have their email. And follow the directions on a submission. 
  • Sign up on – one of the great ways to be noticed. But beware those photos must be GOOD! And you will soon enough get a message. 
  • If you are aiming for commercial modeling, you may start acting classes. Trust me, it will help you to book jobs! 

 So here we told you a few simple steps on how to become a model in Miami. If you have any questions give us a call. Free consultation and Free coffee will be on us! You may want to take advantage of this, as our photographer who is located in Miami and serves South Florida has experience in modeling herself. She started with a model agency in Miami, and shortly after moved to be a full-time model in New York City! Exiting, isn’t it? 

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