Fabletics VIP Membership Event

Fabletics VIP Membership event

Hey Miami! We’re bringing the heat! It happened, Fabletics VIP membership event and the Grand Opening of the store at the Aventura mall. And let me tell you, It was awesome! As you probably saw, I was covering another Fabletics event a week ago, and I thought it couldn’t get better. Well, I was pleased to see Fabltic’s team exceeded my expectations. Fabletics team and Aventura mall made many people feel welcomed! But let me […]

9 Time Capsule Ideas: for Kids and Adults!

What is a Time Capsule? To talk about the time capsule ideas, I would like to talk about what is a time capsule, and what is the purpose of one? I am sure you have seen inspiring videos or read an article about the time capsule. So a Time Capsule can be buried, sealed put underwater, or in space. And how exciting it is! You can imagine how many possible forms from a shoebox and […]