Aventura Mall Events: Fabletics VIP Party!


Aventura Mall Events: Fabletics VIP event! Yesterday, September 26th, I was shooting at one of the Aventura mall events. Fabletics by Kate Hudson had a recently opened a store there. And they opened their doors for old and new friends to celebrate with them! That is to say, I was invited as an event photographer and had a pleasure to capture candid moments of happiness of team members and customers.   Fabletics team offered champagne to […]

Personal Branding: 7 things you need to know


Why is Personal Branding important? As a Production Company, we often work with individuals who are interested in Personal Branding. In this article, I wanted to explain what Personal Branding means and why is it important not to ignore this topic.  You use your Branding to differentiate yourself from others within your field. Not to mention, when appropriately done, personal Branding can help with your business and corporate Branding. Which often means they overlap.  Nowadays, […]